Thinking about Teams as your phone system? Lessons Learned

Everyone is talking Teams. The pandemic has driven adoption quicker than anyone imagined. Now many people have or are in the process of connecting Teams to the PSTN so they can use it as their phone system.
In certain use groups Teams voice can be a fantastic solution. IF you have a fully or plan to have a fully developed Teams solution many of your users will be happy as heck with their voice enabled teams. However, as I assist clients with implementations I am finding more than my share of “gotchas”. If you want to use anything that is more than basic telephony these Gotchas could create more headaches than anyone deserves. Teams is also so new vendors simply do not have the experience to understand how Teams will react in many situations. I have compiled a list of Teams issues and will steet my clients away from teams, suggest a hybrid approach, or at a minimum educate them as to the “gotchas” so they can go into the situation with both eyes open. Make sure you understand your users needs and really understand if Teams is the solution. It may be! If it is not wouldn’t it be best to find out before you spend precious time and resources on an implementation that goes south!! Do you homework!!
Tom Pavek Pavek Technology Group

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