Technology I Work With

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Consulting Needs Analysis Project Management

I have worked as a consultant in IT for over 30 years.  I have experience in many verticals and have dealt with clients from 20 employees to over 10,000.  It does not start with technology it starts with your needs and requirements

SD-WAN Internet Networking SIP

I can help right size your network and connectivity with adding the appropriate management tools and reliability

Contact Center

Customers are demanding a higher level of customer service.  They are looking to connect using multiple mediums such as email and SMS texting.  I can help determine your requirements for these complex systems. 

Cloud and Premise Based

I work with both premise based and cloud based technologies.  I can help you determine which is best for you

Unified Communication

The world has changed and telephones are not what they used to be.  I can help identify what services and systems are best for you. 

Mobility  Smart phones

This technology has exploded over the last couple of decades.  I can help seamlessly integrate these systems into your enterprise as well as assist in cost management. 

Office 365 Network Security

I can help migrating to Office 365 and ensure that your network is secure and that your users are making the most of Office 365

Video Surveillance  Access Contro

The world is a dangerous place.  Making sure that you can control access to your location and that you have video surveillance in the right places is critical for the safety of your employees and customers

Wireless WAN

I can help making sure your users can connect to the network with the appropriate level of service and security

Network Management

The more toys there are the more you need to manage them.  I can evaluate and help you outsource your management so you can focus on running your business 

Samples of some of the vendors I work with