Is it time to take the band-aid off?

Well it looks like it is not going away soon. Google announced on July 27th, 2020 that they do not expect their employees to occupy their offices until July of 2021!! So how are you doing? Were you fortunate to be positioned to handle “working from home” or did you put band aid on to “make it work”? You may have quickly deployed Teams or Zoom, forwarded your desk phone to employee’s cell phones, or a combination of quick fixes. How is it working? What is your long-term strategy?
I have heard it said that the move to a remote workforce was predicted to take five years. This has been forced on us in just a few short weeks. If you took quick action to “make things work” you should step back and do a strategic assessment. Review all the components and make sure that there are no holes in your current environment. Where are you today and where are you going to be in the next several years.
A Strategic Assessment should be based on your needs as an organization. Then you look at your current technology and see how it maps to your needs. If there are items that do not map well then these should look at and a strategy for implementing improved technology should be developed. Sometimes changes can and should happen immediately while other times there may be barriers such as exiting contracts that extend when a technology should be implemented.
Take that band-aid off, examine the wound and develop a plan for it to heal!! Need help? Give me a call!!

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